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Global Private Home Care, LLC DBA VIPrivate Care aims to reduce the uncertainty associated with the efforts to care and cure. We are patient focused and results driven.

We provide private nursing and home care to our patients and their loved ones the sense of relief from our comprehensive treatments, compassionate care and our commitment to their healing both physically and emotionally.

About Us

VIPrivate Care is a VIP/Dignitary focused series of private nursing and home care agencies with offices in New York City, Paramus, New Jersey and Broward County Florida with service in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The licensed, insured, bonded and accredited agencies provide immediate, 1 month short-term,  1 month long-term 12/24 hour skilled nursing and live-in home care.

Our caregivers are clinical and nonclinical in nature such as (RN) Registered Nurse, (LPN) Licensed Practical Nurse, (HHA) Home Health Aide, (CNA) Certified Nurse’s Assistant, Companion-Home Maker as well as other types of licensed therapists like (OT) Occupational Therapist, (PT) Physical Therapist, (ST) Speech Therapist and Nutritionist.

We offer Medical Equipment, Property and Home Management, Wealth and Estate Management and Personal Security upon request. Our patients are predominantly private pay with the exception of some long-term care insurance.

VIPrivate Care provides daily visits, supports and manages long-term and short-term care in the comfort of your home, hotel, yacht or plane. As a contracting party, the patient and family will receive first class service and attention from our clinical experts that are trained in the VIPrivate Care Way of private home care. We provide private nursing and home care & treat your individual needs covering all aspects of medical care such as post surgical-operative, injury, chronic disease-illness, intravenous infusions, IVF injections, postpartum, infant care, medication planning, disease education, family education and stress management.VIPrivate Care was founded based on the healthcare market’s need for Superior Home Care and the desire to reduce the uncertainty that patients and family members experience in these crucial times. We are able to provide patients with the expertise required to meet and surpass expectations and need.

VIPrivate Care is registered, professionally licensed, bonded accredited and liability insured for your assurance and protection. 

Tiffany Italiano, RN, BSN, CCRN | Co-Founder and Director of Nursing
History and Virtues

Terence Kerrigan began his professional career by pursuing two dreams. The first was to establish himself as the best endurance athlete he could possibly be. At a very young age, professional athletes, Olympic athletes, world champion coaches inspired him to dedicate himself to a variety of sports such as baseball, competitive swimming and water polo.

Terry was a coachable and natural athlete that took his award winning high school and college (University of RI) athletic experience to the sports of Triathlon and Cycling. He had and has an insatiable appetite for discovering human potential. For the better part of 25 years, his amateur and professional athletics have gifted him the experience of learning the skills and virtues of cultural differences, dedication, devotion, relentless drive, self belief, failure, confidence development, team work, leadership, self leadership, process orientation, organization, system development, habits-rituals, delayed gratification, patience, strategy, health, diet, the emotions associated to injury, illness, losing and the respect for winning, power and fitness.

Terry competed in over 500 endurance events in 25 years ranging from running races, marathons (Personal Record 2:32), 300 or more triathlons of varying distances including 32 Ironman Triathlons (4 x Hawaii Ironman and a few sub 9 hour race finishes). He also spent many years in competitive road cycling in Europe as well as living and racing globally.


Entrepreneur and Visionary

While competing at the highest level, in 1998 Terry began to think about life beyond his racing years and started a consulting business in New York City. It focused on providing CEO’s and VIP’s a personalized approach to health management and achievements like Swimming the English Channel and running to mountain peaks.

His business combined his education in Human Physiology, Strength-Conditioning, Holistic health, Functional Medicine and Sports Science with an in depth experience that few people will ever comprehend.

His successful consulting business lasted 15 years. In 2011, his current partner Ms. Tiffany Italiano, RN,BSN, CCRN Director of Nursing had a son together and simultaneously launched a VIP Private Nursing operation that quickly scaled to a NYS licensed home care agency.

Terry saw his customer service model being a perfect application to a field of medical service that had much more scale potential.

In 2013 the business Global Private Home Care, LLC dba VIPrivate Care took off with incredible success by doing 1 million in gross revenue in its first year. Since then the company has increased its gross revenues by 17% year two and 19% year three.

Terry and Tiffany’s vision is to innovate the way patients and families experience home care. The VIP private pay patient demographic has been underserved due to the regulatory beaurocracy that accompanies insurance and Medicare focused business models

Our tagline “ We Reduce Patient and Family’s Uncertainty” expresses exactly what we do with genuine compassion and exceptional skill.

Tiffany became a registered nurse in June 1999 after graduating with a diploma from Mountainside Hospital School of Nursing.  After a solid year foundation of medical surgical nursing at Hackensack University Medical Center, she knew it was time to specialize in the field of nursing she always knew was her passion-critical care.    As a relatively new graduate, getting into an Intensive Care Unit was not easy, but it became her goal.  It was accomplished at New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center.  This was the beginning of a wonderful hospital career.  Working in the surgical trauma intensive care unit at one on New Yorks finest was a challenging, demanding, stressful, but most of all, rewarding job.   Various certifications and specialties were obtained during 6 years at the bedside here.  At that time, she decided it was time for a change and accepted a job offer to become the assistant nurse manager of the medical intensive care unit within the same hospital.   It was a different experience being somewhat removed from the bedside, but managing the bedside and an amazing team of highly skilled nurses.  This job also came with challenges and rewards.

On top of professional achievements, personal athletic achievements were something that I was always passionate about.   She was a forever athlete and dedicated to personal growth thru athleticism.  Competing in various sports throughout my life was a big part of my life.  During this time, I discovered triathlon.  It became a new challenge and I pushed myself to accomplish new things.  She suddenly found herself pursuing bigger and bigger challenges with this sport.  Within my first year, I decided I would train and finish an Ironman triathlon.   My life was hospital and training.   It all came with a happy ending. After a traumatic knee injury where she was told should never run again and 4 surgeries later, the first of 5 full ironman triathlons was completed.

She describes herself as determined to a point of stubbornness….

This leads me to a huge change in my career. It was time for something new and more independent.  It was at this time she went into homecare, a complete opposite from the acute care f the critically ill within the hospital walls.  But it was different and afforded her more autonomy and creative ways to restore and promote health.  Homecare in NYC was a busy business.  Much was to be learned as all her experience was within institution walls.  Learning what happens outside hospital doors was eye opening and valuable.  Running through the streets and avenues of NYC seeing 10-14 patients per day was a great pace for an athlete, but maybe not the best for the one receiving care.  The Patients Deserve More.  This was the take home message. After about 5 years of the hustle and bustle and learning a tremendous amount about the business of homecare, she decided to do homecare in a different, more personal way.  A boutique style of homecare affording patients the time and focus they needed.   Homecare when they want it and how they want it.

In 2013, she and her partner Terence Kerrigan launched RNVIP that was quickly changed to Global Private Home Care, LLC dba VIPrivate Care took off with incredible success by doing 1 million in gross revenue in its first year. Since then the company has increased its gross revenues by 17% year two and 19% year three.

Terry and Tiffany’s vision is to innovate the way patients and families experience home care. The VIP private pay patient demographic has been underserved due to the regulatory beaurocracy that accompanies insurance and Medicare  focused business models

Our tagline “ We Reduce Patient and Family’s Uncertainty” expresses exactly what we do with genuine compassion and exceptional skill.


VIPrivate Care was founded with the desire to deliver the highest level of service in the home care industry because the industry as a whole is plagued by substandard service. For many families and individuals, there was a difficulty finding home care that met their needs and expectations.The essence of VIPrivate Care is to ensure patients feel genuine compassion and a sense of certainty that their best interests are preserved.

The company and its caregivers consistently deliver a level of service that surpasses expectation.Each member of our team pays attention to the finer details that make a family and patient feel attended to, safe and most of all privacy is secure.

The art of private home care is making certain the clinical needs are met, exclusivity, dignity, and privacy are preserved and the service is discreet and non-obtrusive.Caregivers are at your service but do not impede on the family or the patient’s way of life. We aim to enhance the patient’s life by being present yet as invisible as necessary.

We are the Gold Standard of patient service and will continue to evolve and make a positive impact on the lives we touch as well as the industry at large.

-Terence Kerrigan

  1. Clinical Excellence
  2. Confidentiality
  3. Attention to Detail

ViPrivate Care has built its reputation by providing a dignified and discreet experience due to its focus on Clinical Excellence, Confidentiality and Attention to Detail. These values make a pleasurable patient service experience.

  • Global Services Divisions and Embassy/Mission Liaisons
  • President’s office, VIP Division and International Services of major hospitals in NYC, NJ and South Florida
  • Personal Referral. Reputation
  • Professional Referral

Our Core Business are domestic and foreign dignitaries that seek an exceptional level of care with an importance on confidentiality. We treat every patient and family member with the utmost attention to surpass their expectations.

In 2016, we grew 27% from 2015. Our market research has shown a trend in the desire and need for private pay home care in the demographic we service. This trend is nationwide. We’ve been fortunate to prove that our VIP Service Model is wanted and needed.
In 2017-18, we plan to offer franchisees opportunity to use our turnkey system to service key VIP markets around the United States.

Uncertainty Reduction
Cultural Respect and Sensitivity
Specialized Nursing Skill and Experience
Environmental Safety and Security Evaluation
Identity and Document Confidentiality
Clinical Expertise and Team Organization
Care Planning and Management
Emotional Comfort to Patient and Family
Preservation of Dignity
Private nursing and home care with Increased Quality of Life
Value added partnerships

  1. We eliminate major risk associated with low morale that often accompanies clinician burnout from being over worked or under paid
  2. We developed a Trained Team that understands the uniqueness of VIP Patient Expectations
  3. We have the references, patient history, experience and success to back up our claims
  1. Patient and Family Interview, Policies, Terms and Conditions, Confidentiality
  2. Patient Care Evaluation of Safety, Needs and Wants
  3. Physician Order Review of clinical issues
  4. Patient and Family Rapport Development and Trust
  5. Proper Staff placement to meet expectation and need
  6. Patient and Family Education Manual Overview
  7. Trial Phase determined
  8. Long Term Care Contracts
  9. Daily, Weekly and Monthly Management Options
  10. Quality Care Monthly Review

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